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2D Game Development with Cocos Creator – The Ultimate Guide by Aleksandr Bolotnikov Free Download

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About 2D Game Development with Cocos Creator – The Ultimate Guide by Aleksandr Bolotnikov

Review: 2D Game Development with Cocos Creator – The Ultimate Guide

Review: 2D Game Development with Cocos Creator – The Ultimate Guide

What is this course?

The course “2D Game Development with Cocos Creator – The Ultimate Guide” by Aleksandr Bolotnikov is a comprehensive online training program that focuses on teaching the fundamentals of developing 2D games using Cocos Creator. Cocos Creator is a powerful game development engine that enables developers to create games for various platforms, including mobile, web, and desktop.

Who can use this course?

This course is suitable for both beginners who have little to no prior experience in game development, and for more advanced developers who want to enhance their skills with Cocos Creator. It caters to individuals who are interested in creating 2D games and want to learn the entire process, from designing game mechanics to implementing assets and publishing their games.

What can this course do? Pros and Cons


  • The course provides a comprehensive understanding of Cocos Creator and its features, ensuring that learners can create games efficiently and with confidence.
  • Aleksandr Bolotnikov, the course instructor, is a highly experienced game developer who provides clear explanations and practical examples throughout the course.
  • The course covers various aspects of game development, including game design, character animation, audio implementation, and monetization strategies.
  • Learners receive hands-on experience by working on a real game project during the course, allowing them to apply the concepts they learn and build a portfolio of completed projects.
  • The course includes support materials such as video tutorials, quizzes, and downloadable project files, which enhance the learning experience and make it easier to follow along.


  • Although the course is comprehensive, it can be quite lengthy, requiring a significant time commitment from learners.
  • Some sections of the course may be more challenging for absolute beginners, as they assume a basic understanding of programming concepts.
  • Occasionally, the course videos may have technical issues, such as low sound quality, which can slightly detract from the overall learning experience.


Q: Is previous programming experience necessary to take this course?

A: While previous programming experience is beneficial, it is not essential. The course starts with the basics and gradually progresses to more advanced concepts, ensuring that learners can grasp the material regardless of their programming background.

Q: Can I ask questions and seek help during the course?

A: Yes, the course includes a dedicated discussion forum where learners can interact with the instructor and other students. You can ask questions, seek clarification, and receive feedback on your projects.

Q: Can I use Cocos Creator for game development on multiple platforms?

A: Yes, Cocos Creator supports cross-platform development. You can create games for mobile devices (iOS, Android), web browsers, and desktop platforms (Windows, macOS). The course covers the fundamentals required for developing games for these platforms.

Download 2D Game Development with Cocos Creator – The Ultimate Guide by Aleksandr Bolotnikov For Free

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01. 2D Infinite Runner Game

01. Create a new project
02. Creating a platform
03. Heros Jump
04. Creating Platforms
05. Infinite level generation
06. Reusing Platforms
07. Create Diamonds
08. Collecting Diamonds
09. Showing Player Score
10. Creating Hero Animations
11. Scrolling Background
12. The Final Screen
13. Music and Sound Effects

02. Tower Defense Game

01. 1. Project Review
02. 2.1 Create level map in Tiled
03. 2.2 Create level map in Tiled
04. 2.3 Create level map in Tiled
05. 3. Cocos Creator TiledMap API
06. 4. Setup enemies
07. 5. Enemy movement
08. 6.1 Turning the enemy – 1
09. 6.2 Turning the enemy – 2
10. 6.3 Turning the enemy – 3
11. 6.4 Turning the enemy – 4
12. 6.5 Turning the enemy – 5
13. 6.6 Turning the enemy – 6
14. 7.1 Towers click events – 1
15. 7.2 Towers click events – 2
16. 7.3 Towers click events – 3
17. 7.4 Towers click events – 4
18. 7.5 Towers click events – 5
19. 7.6 Towers click events – 6
20. 8.1 Tower select popup – 1
21. 8.2 Tower select popup – 2
22. 8.3 Tower select popup – 3
23. 8.4 Tower select popup – 4
24. 8.5 Tower select popup – 5
25. 8.6 Tower select popup – 6
26. 8.7 Tower select popup – 7
27. 9.1 Show towers – 1
28. 9.2 Show towers – 2
29. 9.3 Show towers – 3
30. 9.4 Show towers – 4
31. 9.5 Show towers – 5
32. 9.6 Show towers – 6
33. 10. Towers popup additional check
34. 11.1 Find a target for tower – 1
35. 11.2 Find a target for tower – 2
36. 11.3 Find a target for tower – 3
37. 11.4 Find a target for tower – 4
38. 12.1 Rotate the tower – 1
39. 12.2 Rotate the tower – 2
40. 13.1 Create the fires – 1
41. 13.2 Create the fires – 2
42. 14. Moving the fires towards the enemies
43. 15. Collision of a bullet with an enemy
44. 16. Enemies waves
45. 17. Multiple enemies waves
46. 18. Creating the UI
47. 19. Updating UI during the game
48. 20. The waves counter in the UI
49. 21. Process payment for building towers
50. 22. Create tower upgrade panel
51. 23. Upgrade and destroy towers

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