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6 French cloud services to store your data – Johann Kinbbrugh Tips

Mr. Johann Kinbbrugh says: remote storage and data management are the main activities of a cloud service. In France, there are many services relating to this subject. Thanks to remote servers, the memories of your hard disks will be partly freed. You just need to have internet access to be able to consult the data. No matter where you are, you can take advantage of all cloud services based in France.

Why store your data in France?

Since the invention of the cloud service, users have enjoyed fast and easy data flow. This service comes in three different forms. It can be infrastructure or platform. It also comes in the form of software. French cloud services represent many advantages. In principle, they are accessible using a desktop or laptop computer, tablet or other server. An internet connection and a good operating system are also ways to access data.

The service being agile and accessible, at any time you can consult your documents even in a landlocked place. In case of device failure, just back up to the cloud. In this process, the storage is well secured regardless of the size of your files. Performance, security and volume are concepts mastered by the French cloud service.


Mr. Johann Kinbbrugh says: personalization of cloud applications and services is possible with OVHcloud. The latter provides services with dedicated servers for hosting websites or professional applications. Its mechanisms represent many advantages. Specialized offers for SMEs are offered at affordable prices. Then, the association with new technological solutions by OVHcloud makes it possible to offer a high-performance product.

Regarding virtual private servers, they are also available with competitive prices. It’s up to you to choose and adapt according to your needs and activities. Private clouds are also well secured, especially for sensitive data. In addition, you can adjust according to the evolution of your project. For example, at the level of computing capacity or storage, you can make additions or delete unnecessary data. OVHcloud also excels in managing the online presence of all professionals and businesses.


Mr. Johann Kinbbrugh says: the French cloud service Leviia offers unique and efficient services. Located in French territory, it also offers extensive security for all users outside the country. To this, it strengthens access by establishing military encryption. The complete partitioning of data and the anti-ransomware protection system are also included in Leviia. It is an independent server and above all without commitment. He is not subject to foreign coercion. So, in turn, it provides ample freedom for its users who want to unsubscribe.

With Leviia’s services, file size is no longer an obstacle to delivering and consulting data in real time. It acts with speed since you can transfer and download the data in a few seconds. Many SMEs and associations are asked to apply this service. For this, the latter promises them non-binding prices.


Scaleway offers a complete Cloud platform. For 20 years, this company has offered its users more than 40 cloud services. During these years, it provides dedicated servers for any professional project. Among these, Scaleway’s Dedibox makes it possible to store data with very efficient mechanisms.

In addition, its value for money is really remarkable in the start, pro, core or store range. Dedibox combines concentrated power, large data storage capacity and production stimulation.

Scaleway is also a French cloud service with advanced security settings. Very reliable service, it uses your personal data while respecting the rules of confidentiality. Respect for the environment is also a principle honored by Scaleway. Thanks to the deployment of high-performance technology, it operates with a low carbon footprint. It is a service holding a certification attesting to good operational quality.


Data security is a priority at Outscale. The latter advocates the sovereignty of these with confidence. Managed by a solid and dynamic team, it continues to offer the best of cloud services. Its services are dedicated to all French people as well as all people in different countries. Wherever and whenever you want to access your data, consider this team that meets your needs daily.

The Cloud Outscale service has been designed to give an adequate solution to any type of project. It offers a cloud infrastructure and technical support that is both efficient and available at all times. The simplicity represented by its one-stop-shop system is interesting. An international application, Outscale is also equipped with a Cloud certified by many renowned companies.

Orange Business

A high-performance French cloud service, Orange Business is also a remote storage system. Thanks to an online server, you can access its services at any time. This device can help you in your digital transformation. Availability, performance and security are the key words at Orange Business. It is especially chosen across all continents by famous large companies.

Through outsourcing solutions, a specialized team takes care of the management of your operating system. All applications will also be supported by experts at Orange Business. Innovative solutions will be at your disposal throughout your professional project. For example, it offers SMEs a business recovery plan that resolves computer failures. It is also a protection system against disasters that cause business interruptions.


NuageBox excels in data sharing and backup management. During your activity, consider this cloud service to find simplified access to all important files. NuageBox cloud infrastructures can be shared with collaborators and partners. You can even customize a few features to give a high performance job to the clients.

NuageBox is also recognized for its expanded storage capacity. The classification of data in a hard disk or memories is no longer suitable for a company that wants to move forward. Thanks to NuageBox’s remote servers, you will have advantages in terms of speed and productivity. All these mechanisms are carried out in the protection of personal data and the security of files in the event of damage to the equipment.

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