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Blender 3D Artist – Forge AAA Weapons by Abraham Leal Free Download

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About Blender 3D Artist – Forge AAA Weapons by Abraham Leal

What is this course (write the course name)

The course “Blender 3D Artist – Forge AAA Weapons” by Abraham Leal is an online training program designed to teach aspiring 3D artists how to create high-quality weapons using the popular 3D modeling software, Blender.

Who can use this course?

This course is suitable for both beginners and intermediate level 3D artists who have some basic knowledge of Blender. It is beneficial for those who want to enhance their skills in weapon modeling and texturing specifically for creating assets for AAA game development.

What can this course do? Pros and Cons

1. Comprehensive Training: The course provides step-by-step instructions and hands-on exercises that cover a wide range of techniques and tools used in the creation of AAA weapons. From modeling to texturing and rendering, each aspect is explained thoroughly.
2. Industry-standard Techniques: The instructor, Abraham Leal, offers valuable insights into the industry-standard workflows and techniques that are used by professional game artists. This ensures that students are equipped with the skills required to meet industry demands.
3. Realistic Results: The course focuses on creating weapons that are highly detailed and realistic in appearance, which is essential for AAA game development. The techniques covered help students achieve impressive results, allowing them to create weapons that can potentially be used in commercial projects.

1. Prerequisite Knowledge: While the course is suitable for beginners, having a basic understanding of Blender is recommended. Without prior knowledge of the software, the learning curve may be steep.
2. Specialized Focus: The course specifically targets weapon modeling and texturing for AAA game development. If your interests lie elsewhere within the 3D industry, this course may not be as beneficial.


Q: Can this course be accessed offline?
A: No, this course is only available online through the respective e-learning platform.

Q: Is there any certification provided upon completion of the course?
A: Yes, a certificate of completion is provided to the students who successfully finish the course.

Q: Can I ask questions or seek clarification from the instructor?
A: Yes, the course includes a discussion forum where students can interact with the instructor and fellow learners to ask questions and seek clarification.

Q: What version of Blender is used in this course?
A: The course is designed using Blender version 2.9, but most of the techniques and tools covered are applicable to other versions as well.

Q: Are the assets used in the course provided to the students?
A: Yes, the instructor provides the necessary project files and resources, allowing students to follow along and practice the techniques taught in the course.

Download Blender 3D Artist – Forge AAA Weapons by Abraham Leal For Free

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01. Introduction to Blender

01. Introduction Video
02. Introduction to Blender
03. Components
04. Modifiers
05. 3D Cursor
06. The Barrel
07. The Render

02. Project Setup

01. Project Setup
02. Analysis of the Concept
03. Block In
04. From Simple to complex
05. Handle Upper Elements
06. Handle Spikes
07. Sculpting Basics
08. Handle Sculpting
09. Secondary Shapes
10. Tertiary Shapes
11. Pommel Sculpt
12. Upper Handle Sculpt
13. Remeshing
14. Decimation

03. Modelling and Sculpting

01. Volcanoe BlockIn
02. Blade BlockIn
03. Volcanoe Secondary Shapes
04. Volcanoe Tertiary Shapes
05. Stone Details
06. Axe Details
07. Hammer Modelling
08. Hammer Sculpting
09. Support Modelling
10. Horizontal Supports
11. Base Support
12. Clay Render

04. Retopology

01. The Baking Process
02. Retopoflow
03. Retopology Basics
04. Pommel Retopology
05. Model Retopology
06. Rock Handle Retopology
07. Smooth Method
08. Handle Details Retopology
09. Hammer Retopology
10. Axe Retopology
11. Volcanoe Retopology
12. Merging Geometries

05. Uvs and Textures

01. Intro to Uvs
02. Uv Checker
03. Unwrapping Complex Shapes
04. Packaging Uvs
05. Mirroring Uvs
06. Baking Preparation
07. Substance Painter
08. Face Orientation
09. Substance Interface
10. Texturing Workflow
11. Texturing Metal
12. Texturing Blade
13. Emissive Maps
14. Final Details

06. Rendering and Presentation

01. Shader Setup
02. Studio Render
03. Turntable Animation
04. Cinematic BlockIn
05. Fog and Glare
06. Displacement and DOF
07. Final Words

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