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Charcoal Portraits 101 by Robert Kelley Free Download

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About Charcoal Portraits 101 by Robert Kelley

Charcoal Portraits 101 by Robert Kelley

What is this course?

Charcoal Portraits 101 is an online course created by renowned artist Robert Kelley that teaches students the fundamentals of creating stunning charcoal portraits. The course covers topics such as materials, techniques, proportions, and shading, providing a comprehensive foundation for aspiring artists.

Who can use this course?

This course is perfect for anyone interested in learning the art of charcoal portrait creation, from beginners to experienced artists looking to refine their skills. Whether you’re an art student, hobbyist, or professional, Charcoal Portraits 101 offers valuable insights and practical knowledge.

What can this course do: the Pros and Cons


  • Comprehensive instruction from a talented and experienced artist
  • Demonstrations of various techniques and tips for achieving realistic portraits
  • Flexible, self-paced learning that allows students to practice and experiment at their own pace
  • Access to a supportive online community and feedback from the instructor


  • Some students may find the course material too advanced for beginners
  • Limited interaction with the instructor compared to in-person classes


Q: Does this course require any prior experience in art?

A: While prior experience can be helpful, Charcoal Portraits 101 is designed to accommodate beginners and experienced artists alike.

Q: Are the course materials included in the tuition?

A: No, students are responsible for purchasing their own materials, such as charcoal, paper, and blending tools.

Q: Is there a certificate of completion for this course?

A: Yes, students who successfully complete the course will receive a certificate of completion from Robert Kelley.

Overall, Charcoal Portraits 101 by Robert Kelley offers a valuable and accessible learning opportunity for anyone interested in honing their charcoal portrait skills. With comprehensive instruction, practical demonstrations, and a supportive online community, this course is a great choice for aspiring artists.

Download Charcoal Portraits 101 by Robert Kelley For Free

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