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Cinema 4D “Dynamic Designer” advanced course (C4D 《超级动态设计师》系统教学视频教程_翼狐网 – Chinese, Eng sub) Free Download

Download Cinema 4D “Dynamic Designer” advanced course (C4D 《超级动态设计师》系统教学视频教程_翼狐网 – Chinese, Eng sub) for free with direct link, all the courses you need, in one place. Find and download the best high-quality courses now for free.

About Cinema 4D “Dynamic Designer” advanced course (C4D 《超级动态设计师》系统教学视频教程_翼狐网 – Chinese, Eng sub)

What is this course?

This course is called “Cinema 4D Dynamic Designer Advanced Course.” It is a comprehensive tutorial video course available on the Chinese website, 翼狐网 (YiHuNet), with English subtitles. The course focuses on advanced techniques and design concepts using Cinema 4D software.

Who can use this course?

This course is aimed at individuals who have a basic understanding of Cinema 4D and want to take their skills to the next level. It is suitable for professional designers, animators, motion graphics artists, and anyone interested in creating dynamic and visually appealing designs.

What can this course do? Pros and Cons

1. In-depth tutorials: The course provides detailed step-by-step instructions, making it easy for learners to understand and follow along.
2. Advanced techniques: The course covers a wide range of advanced techniques, such as dynamic simulations, cloth simulations, and particle effects, allowing learners to create highly realistic and dynamic designs.
3. Wide applicability: The skills taught in this course can be applied to various industries, including film, animation, advertising, and game development.
4. English subtitles: The availability of English subtitles makes the course accessible to non-Chinese speakers.

1. Language barrier: The course is primarily marketed towards Chinese speakers, so some learners may find it challenging to understand the instructor’s explanations without the English subtitles.
2. Advanced level: As an advanced course, it may not be suitable for complete beginners or individuals with limited experience in Cinema 4D.
3. Limited support: Although the course offers comprehensive tutorials, there may be limited opportunities for interaction and personalized support from the instructor.


Q1: Is this course suitable for beginners?
A1: This course is designed for individuals with a basic understanding of Cinema 4D. It may be more challenging for complete beginners without prior experience or knowledge of the software.

Q2: Does this course cover 3D modeling techniques?
A2: While this course focuses more on dynamic design and simulations, it does cover some 3D modeling techniques as part of the overall workflow.

Q3: Are the tutorials easy to follow?
A3: Yes, the tutorials in this course are presented in a clear and step-by-step manner, making it easier for learners to follow along and understand the concepts.

Q4: Can I access the course materials offline?
A4: The course materials are typically accessed online through the 翼狐网 website. However, some platforms may offer the option to download the videos for offline viewing.

Download Cinema 4D “Dynamic Designer” advanced course (C4D 《超级动态设计师》系统教学视频教程_翼狐网 – Chinese, Eng sub) For Free

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000 Cinema 4D序 – 教程宣传片视频教程_翼狐网
001 课程大纲介绍
002 Cinema 4D课时 – 关键帧基础知识视频教程_翼狐网~
003 Cinema 4D课时 – 函数曲线与速度调节视频教程_翼狐网
005 Cinema 4D课时 – 点级别类型动画学习视频教程_翼狐网
006 Cinema 4D课时 – 点级别类型动画渲染视频教程_翼狐网
007 Cinema 4D课时 – 刚体基础知识视频教程_翼狐网
009 Cinema 4D课时 – 柔体体基础知识视频教程_翼狐网
010 Cinema 4D课时 – 柔体动画小案例视频教程_翼狐网
011 Cinema 4D课时 – 毛发基础操作知识视频教程_翼狐网
012 Cinema 4D课时 – 毛发小动画案例视频教程_翼狐网
013 Cinema 4D课时 – 布料基础知识视频教程_翼狐网
014 Cinema 4D课时 – 布料绷带 布料曲面视频教程_翼狐网
015 Cinema 4D课时 – 布料动画小案例视频教程_翼狐网
016 Cinema 4D课时 – 动力学刚体破碎视频教程_翼狐网
017 Cinema 4D课时 – OC渲染器灯光讲解视频教程_翼狐网
018 Cinema 4D课时 – OC材质基础讲解视频教程_翼狐网
019 Cinema 4D课时 – OC玻璃 混合材质讲解视频教程_翼狐网
020 Cinema 4D课时 – 刚体动力学灯光布置视频教程_翼狐网
021 Cinema 4D课时 – 刚体柔体布料渲染视频教程_翼狐网
023 Cinema 4D课时 – AE操作基础流程视频教程_翼狐网
024 Cinema 4D课时 – 总案例AE后期合成视频教程_翼狐网
025 Cinema 4D课时 – 克隆 运动图形视频教程_翼狐网
026 Cinema 4D课时 – 破碎 运动图形视频教程_翼狐网
027 Cinema 4D课时 – 分裂 多边形FX 运动图形视频教程_翼狐网
028 Cinema 4D课时 – 简易效果器视频教程_翼狐网
029 Cinema 4D课时 – 简易小案例视频教程_翼狐网
030 Cinema 4D课时 – 随机效果器视频教程_翼狐网
031 Cinema 4D课时 – 步幅效果器视频教程_翼狐网
032 Cinema 4D课时 – 声音效果器视频教程_翼狐网
033 Cinema 4D课时 – 样条,体积效果器视频教程_翼狐网
034 Cinema 4D课时 – 着色效果器视频教程_翼狐网
035 Cinema 4D课时 – 效果器,延迟 公式 目标 时间视频教程_翼狐网
036 Cinema 4D课时 – 运动图形综合案例足球建模 视频教程_翼狐网
037 Cinema 4D课时 – 运动图形综合案例分镜动画 视频教程_翼狐网
040 Cinema 4D课时 – 运动图形综合案例分镜渲染 视频教程_翼狐网
041 Cinema 4D课时 – 运动图形综合案例分镜渲染 视频教程_翼狐网
045 Cinema 4D课时 – 模板绑定骨骼 视频教程_翼狐网
046 Cinema 4D课时 – 自定义骨骼绑定 视频教程_翼狐网
051 Cinema 4D课时 – 角色动画案例调整 视频教程_翼狐网
052 Cinema 4D课时 – 角色动画案例调整 视频教程_翼狐网
053 Cinema 4D课时 – 角色动画案例调整 视频教程_翼狐网
054 Cinema 4D课时 – 角色动画毛发材质渲染 视频教程_翼狐网
055 Cinema 4D课时 – 频道小动画气泡部分 视频教程_翼狐网
056 Cinema 4D课时 – 频道小动画摄像机调整 视频教程_翼狐网
057 Cinema 4D课时 – 频道包装动画 柔体小球部分 视频教程_翼狐网
058 Cinema 4D课时 – 频道小动画布料树木 视频教程_翼狐网
059 Cinema 4D课时 – 频道包装动画 材质渲染 视频教程_翼狐网
061 Cinema 4D课时 – 手机动画案例 视频教程_翼狐网
062 Cinema 4D课时 – HDRLightStudio案例视频教程_翼狐网
063 Cinema 4D课时 – 手机动画案例 视频教程_翼狐网
064 Cinema 4D课时 – 手机动画案例 视频教程_翼狐网
065 Cinema 4D课时 – 手机动画烟雾 视频教程_翼狐网
066 Cinema 4D课时 – 手机动画数据线 视频教程_翼狐网
067 Cinema 4D课时 – 手机隧道动画 视频教程_翼狐网
068 Cinema 4D课时 – 手机芯片动画 视频教程_翼狐网
069 Cinema 4D课时 – 芯片细节 完善渲染 视频教程_翼狐网
070 Cinema 4D课时 – 倒计时节点 视频教程_翼狐网
071 Cinema 4D课时 – 手机结尾部分 视频教程_翼狐网
074 Cinema 4D课时 – 电子烟材质灯光 视频教程_翼狐网
075 Cinema 4D课时 – 电子烟抽象元素 视频教程_翼狐网
081 Cinema 4D课时 – 电子烟辅助分镜 视频教程_翼狐网
082 Cinema 4D课时 – 电子结尾动画 视频教程_翼狐网
083 Cinema 4D课时 – 电子烟AE后期调色 视频教程_翼狐网
084 Cinema 4D课时 – 样片下载分析 种运镜技巧视频教程_翼狐网
085 Cinema 4D课时 – 摄像机动画案例 视频教程_翼狐网
086 Cinema 4D课时 – 摄像机动画案例 视频教程_翼狐网
087 Cinema 4D课时 – 摄像机动画案例AE校对 视频教程_翼狐网
088 Cinema 4D课时 – 摄像机动画渲染部分 视频教程_翼狐网
089 Cinema 4D课时 – 摄像机动画渲染部分 视频教程_翼狐网
090 Cinema 4D课时 – 摄像机动画渲染部分 视频教程_翼狐网
092 Cinema 4D课时 – 摄像机动画渲染部分 视频教程_翼狐网
094 Cinema 4D课时 – 后期调色输出 视频教程_翼狐网
095 Cinema 4D课时 – 体育馆基础镜头 视频教程_翼狐网
096 Cinema 4D课时 – 体育馆动画 视频教程_翼狐网
099 Cinema 4D课时 – 分镜动画材质部分视频教程_翼狐网
100 Cinema 4D课时 – 标题字动画材质视频教程_翼狐网
101 Cinema 4D课时 – AE后期合成调色视频教程_翼狐网
102 Cinema 4D课时 – 课程完结大结局视频教程_翼狐网

[Yiihuu] Cinema 4D -Super Motion Designer- advanced course (C4D 《超级动态设计师》系统教学视频教程_翼狐网 – Chinese, Eng sub)_Subtitles.7z
上课素材 课程样片.7z.rar

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