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Clip Studio Paint from Scratch (Clip Studio Paint desde cero – Spanish, Eng sub) Free Download

Download Clip Studio Paint from Scratch (Clip Studio Paint desde cero – Spanish, Eng sub) for free with direct link, all the courses you need, in one place. Find and download the best high-quality courses now for free.

About Clip Studio Paint from Scratch (Clip Studio Paint desde cero – Spanish, Eng sub)

What is this course: Clip Studio Paint from Scratch (Clip Studio Paint desde cero – Spanish, Eng sub)

Clip Studio Paint from Scratch is a comprehensive online course that aims to guide individuals from beginner to advanced level in using the popular digital art software, Clip Studio Paint. The course is available in both English and Spanish with English subtitles, making it accessible to a wider audience.

Who can use this course?

This course is suitable for anyone interested in learning to use Clip Studio Paint, regardless of their prior experience or artistic background. Whether you are an aspiring illustrator, comic artist, or simply someone looking to explore digital art, this course provides a solid foundation for using Clip Studio Paint effectively.

What can this course do: Pros and Cons

1. Comprehensive Content: The course covers a wide range of topics, starting from the basics of the software to more advanced techniques and features. It ensures that learners develop a thorough understanding of Clip Studio Paint.

2. Engaging Instruction: The instructor follows a step-by-step approach, making it easy for beginners to grasp the concepts and navigate through the software. The use of visuals and demonstrations aids in the learning process.

3. Bilingual Support: The availability of both Spanish and English options ensures that a broader audience can benefit from the course. The English subtitles make it easier for non-Spanish speakers to follow along.

4. Resourceful Supplementary Materials: The course provides downloadable resources, such as practice files and reference materials, which enhance the learning experience and allow learners to practice what they have learned.

1. Lack of Advanced Content: While the course covers all the fundamentals, individuals who already have experience using Clip Studio Paint may find that it lacks more advanced techniques and features. However, it does provide a solid foundation for further exploration on one’s own.

2. Limited Interaction: As an online course, there may be a limited opportunity for direct interaction with the instructor. However, the instructor does provide support through comments and feedback on the course platform.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: Do I need prior knowledge of digital art to take this course?
A: No, this course is designed for beginners and covers the basics of Clip Studio Paint. Prior digital art knowledge is not required.

Q: Is Clip Studio Paint compatible with Mac and Windows?
A: Yes, Clip Studio Paint is compatible with both Mac and Windows operating systems.

Q: Are software updates covered in the course?
A: While the course focuses on the core features of Clip Studio Paint, it does not cover software updates. However, the fundamentals taught in the course will still be applicable to updated versions.

Q: Is there a certificate provided upon completion of the course?
A: No, this particular course does not provide a certificate upon completion. However, the skills acquired through the course can be showcased through personal projects and portfolios.

In conclusion, Clip Studio Paint from Scratch is a valuable course for individuals looking to learn and master Clip Studio Paint. With its comprehensive content, engaging instruction, and bilingual support, it is a solid choice for beginners. However, experienced users may find limitations in advanced content, though it still provides a solid foundation for further exploration. Overall, this course is an excellent resource for enthusiasts of digital art and illustration.

Download Clip Studio Paint from Scratch (Clip Studio Paint desde cero – Spanish, Eng sub) For Free

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Cap 1 Antes de empezar

1.1 Por que se llama Clip Studio Paint
1.2 Antes de los bocetos, thumbnails o miniaturas

Cap 2 Exporando Clip Studio Paint

2.1 Antes de instalar
2.2 Sistema Clip Studio
2.3 Interfaz de Clip Studio Paint EX
2.4 Tipos de obra
2.5 Materiales y assets
2.6 BREAK 1 Partes de un cómic físico y digital

Cap 3 Páginas de interiores

3.1 Gestor de páginas
3.10 Materiales 3D, Figuras y personajes
3.11 Materiales 3D, Poses
3.12 Materiales 3D, Poses de manos
3.13 Materiales 3D, Detalles de posados
3.14 Pose de fotografía
3.15 Materiales 3D, Fondos
3.16 Fondos, reglas de perspectiva
3.17 AVANCE 1 Bocetos
3.18 BREAK 2 Clip Studio Paint para Ipad
3.2 Creación de un archivo
3.3 Capa de bocetaje
3.4 Visor y diagramación para webcómic
3.5 Viñetas
3.6 Ordenar viñetas
3.7 Dividir viñetas
3.8 Lápiz y bocetaje
3.9 Materiales 3D, Objetos

Cap 4 Tintas y contraste

4.1 Tipos de plumas, análisis de nibs y pruebas
4.10 Entintando un fondo con referencia 1
4.11 Entintando un fondo con referencia 2
4.12 Fondos 3D a líneas
4.13 Fondos con punto de fuga
4.14 Herramientas de decoración
4.15 Efectos, líneas cinéticas
4.16 Efectos, líneas de impacto
4.17 Texto
4.18 Globos de texto
4.19 Flashes de texto
4.2 Entintado simple
4.20 Efectos sonoros
4.21 Herramienta Fill
4.22 AVANCE 2 Lineart final de páginas interiores
4.3 Formas, elipses
4.4 Entintando ropa
4.5 Entintando manos
4.6 Reglas
4.7 Reglas especiales, líneas paralelas
4.8 Reglas especiales, perspectiva
4.9 Reglas especiales, curvas y simetría

Cap 5 Screentones y decoración

5.1 Tipos de tramas, análisis
5.10 Transiciones por entramado
5.11 Transicones por efectos
5.12 Efectos decorativos
5.13 Creando materiales pinceles
5.14 Acciones
5.15 Exportar archivo
5.16 AVANCE 3 Páginas finales
5.17 BREAK 3 Flujos para hacer thumbnails
5.2 Panel de capas a detalle
5.3 Aplicar tramas con máscara rápida
5.4 Convertir fotografías en screentones
5.5 Tone scraping
5.6 Gradientes
5.7 Aplicar tramas manuales o crosshatching
5.8 Efectos atmosféricos
5.9 Sombreado con gradientes

Cap 6 Ilustración y cómics a color

6.1 Qué hace una buena portada
6.10 Luces
6.10 Webcómics a color
6.11 AVANCE 4 Portada de cómic
6.11 Herramientas de retoque de color
6.2 Bocetaje
6.3 Capa vectorial
6.4 Color inteligente
6.5 Color base, capa de referencia
6.6 Selección y reemplazo de color
6.7 Pigmentación con acuarelas
6.8 Sombras
6.9 Contrapigmentación

Cap 7 Conclusiones

7.1 Consejos finales y próximos pasos

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