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Complete Godot 4 Game Developer 2D Online Course by Kaan Alpar ( Free Download

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About Complete Godot 4 Game Developer 2D Online Course by Kaan Alpar (

Review of Complete Godot 4 Game Developer 2D Online Course

Complete Godot 4 Game Developer 2D Online Course by Kaan Alpar (

What is this course?

The Complete Godot 4 Game Developer 2D Online Course is an extensive online course created by Kaan Alpar from The course is designed to teach game development using the Godot 4 engine specifically for 2D game development.

Who can use this course?

This course is suitable for individuals who are interested in learning game development using the Godot 4 engine. It is suitable for beginners as well as intermediate level developers who want to enhance their skills in 2D game development. The course assumes no prior knowledge of game development or programming, making it accessible to anyone willing to learn.

What can this course do? Pros and Cons


  • The course provides comprehensive and in-depth coverage of Godot 4 game development, specifically focusing on 2D games.
  • Kaan Alpar, the instructor, has a clear and engaging teaching style that makes it easy to follow along with the course content.
  • The course includes hands-on projects and exercises that allow students to apply their learning in a practical manner.
  • It covers a wide range of topics including input handling, physics simulations, sound effects, user interface, artificial intelligence, and much more.
  • Students have access to a supportive community of fellow learners through online forums, where they can ask questions, share their progress, and seek guidance.


  • The extensive content of the course may be overwhelming for absolute beginners, so it is recommended to have a basic understanding of programming concepts.
  • Some students may prefer a more interactive learning experience, such as live coding sessions or video demonstrations, which are not included in this course.
  • The course focuses solely on 2D game development, so individuals interested in 3D game development might need to explore other resources.


Q: Is prior programming experience required for this course?

A: No, the course assumes no prior knowledge of game development or programming. However, having a basic understanding of programming concepts will be beneficial.

Q: Can I create commercial games after completing this course?

A: Absolutely! This course equips you with the necessary skills and knowledge to create your own 2D games using Godot 4. You can apply these skills to create commercial games or enhance your portfolio to pursue a career in game development.

Q: Are the course materials and updates accessible even after completing the course?

A: Yes, once you enroll in the course, you will have lifetime access to all the materials and future updates. This allows you to revisit the course content whenever you need a refresher or want to expand your knowledge in specific areas.

Download Complete Godot 4 Game Developer 2D Online Course by Kaan Alpar ( For Free

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01 – Introduction & Setup

001 Welcome To The Course
002 Downloading Godot
003 Create A Project
004 Exploring Godot’s Interface
005 More Interface Exploration
006 Community & Support
007 Accessing Our Projects

02 – Speedy Saucer

001 Section Intro – Speedy Saucer
002 Project Setup
003 Nodes & Scenes
004 Rigidbody2D & Collision Shapes
005 Instancing Scenes
006 Editing Instances
007 Parent & Child Relationship
008 Draw Order & Z Index
009 Intro To Scripting
010 Functions & Printing Text
011 Number Operations & More Printing
012 Introducing Variables
013 Function ParametersArguments
014 Vector2 & apply_impulse( )
015 Processing & apply_force( )
016 If Statement & Comparison Operators
017 Getting Input
018 Variable Scope
019 Function Return Values
020 Following The Player With Camera2D
021 Making The Maze
022 Using Signals To Reset The Game
023 Parallax Background & Text Labels
024 Wrap Up – Speedy Saucer

03 – Alien Attack

001 Section Intro – Alien Attack
002 Project Setup & Player Scene
003 Player Movement
004 Clamping Players Position
005 Rocket Scene & Movement
006 Understanding Delta Time
007 Shooting Rockets
008 Creating References To Nodes
009 Deleting Unwanted Rockets
010 Enemy Scene & Movement
011 Enemy Spawner Scene
012 Spawn Enemy Function
013 Shooting Enemies & Collision Layers
014 Enemy Deathzone
015 Lives & Custom Signals
016 Scoring & Enemy Died Signal
017 Score UI
018 Lives UI
019 Game Over Screen
020 Adding Sound Effects
021 Flame Particle Effect
022 Path Enemy
023 Adding Path Enemy To The Spawner
024 Wrap Up – Alien Attack

04 – Martian Mike

001 Section Intro – Martian Mike
002 Project Setup – Martian Mike
003 Animated Sprites
004 Player Movement
005 Boolean Operators
006 Updating Animations
007 Deathzone
008 Jump Pad
009 Traps
010 Animation Player
011 Arrays & Groups
012 The For Loop
013 Tilemap Basics
014 Tilemap Terrains (Autotile)
015 Scrolling Background
016 Start Area
017 Exit Area
018 Changing Scenes
019 More Levels
020 Level Timer
021 Timer HUD
022 Win Screen
023 Start Menu
024 Level Design
025 Autoloads (Singleton Pattern)
026 One-Time Sound Effects
027 Wrap Up – Martian Mike

[Udemy] Complete Godot 4 Game Developer 2D Online Course by Kaan Alpar (

[Udemy] Complete Godot 4 Game Developer 2D Online Course by Kaan Alpar ( (2).7z

[Udemy] Complete Godot 4 Game Developer 2D Online Course by Kaan Alpar (

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