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Devart Entity Developer Professional v6.6.894 + Crack Free Download

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About Devart Entity Developer Professional v6.6.894 + Crack

What is this software (Devart Entity Developer Professional v6.6.894 + Crack)

Devart Entity Developer Professional is a powerful software tool used for ORM (Object Relational Mapping) in the .NET environment. It provides a convenient way for developers to create and edit Entity Framework, NHibernate, LinqConnect, Telerik Data Access, and LINQ to SQL models visually. It assists in generating and managing the code for these frameworks, making the development process more efficient and productive.

Who can use this software?

This software is primarily designed for software developers and architects who work with various ORM frameworks in the .NET environment. It is suitable for both novice and experienced developers, as it offers a visually intuitive interface without sacrificing advanced customization options.

What can this software do? Pros and Cons

1. Visual Model Designer: Devart Entity Developer Professional offers a visually rich and intuitive model designer, allowing developers to create, edit, and visualize their ORM models effortlessly. This saves time and reduces the chances of errors.
2. Code Generation: The software leverages model-first and database-first approaches to generate code for multiple ORM frameworks. It produces clean and readable code, adhering to best practices.
3. Customization Options: It provides extensive customization options to tailor the generated code according to specific project requirements. Developers can modify naming conventions, mapping rules, validation rules, and more.
4. Integration: Devart Entity Developer Professional seamlessly integrates with various popular ORM frameworks, including Entity Framework, NHibernate, LinqConnect, Telerik Data Access, and LINQ to SQL. This ensures compatibility with a wide range of projects.
5. T4 Templates: The software supports T4 templates, enabling developers to generate code automatically or modify existing templates to suit their preferences and project needs.

1. High Learning Curve: While the software offers a user-friendly interface, initially grasping its complete functionality may require some time and effort, especially for developers new to ORM frameworks.
2. Limited Free Version: The free version of Entity Developer has some limitations in terms of the number of classes and tables allowed in a model. To unlock the full potential, a paid license is necessary.


1. Is Devart Entity Developer Professional compatible with non-.NET frameworks?
No, Devart Entity Developer Professional is specifically designed for ORM in the .NET environment and supports frameworks like Entity Framework, NHibernate, LinqConnect, Telerik Data Access, and LINQ to SQL.

2. Can the generated code be modified manually?
Yes, the generated code can be modified manually to add custom logic or make specific changes to meet project requirements. However, care should be taken to avoid overwriting changes on code regeneration.

3. Can Devart Entity Developer Professional reverse-engineer existing databases?
Yes, the software supports reverse-engineering of existing databases, allowing developers to create ORM models based on an existing database schema.

4. Does Devart Entity Developer Professional support collaborative development?
Yes, multiple developers can work on the same ORM model simultaneously using version control systems, ensuring seamless collaboration and avoiding conflicts.

5. Can Entity Developer generate database scripts?
Yes, Entity Developer can create DDL scripts for the supported ORM frameworks to generate or update the underlying database schema accordingly.

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Devart Entity Developer Professional v6.6.894 + Crack

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