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Download [Laracasts] Let's Build A Forum with Laravel and TDD Free Online Course Videos Torrent | [FCO] FreeCoursesOnline.Me Free Download

Download Download [Laracasts] Let's Build A Forum with Laravel and TDD Free Online Course Videos Torrent | [FCO] FreeCoursesOnline.Me for free with direct link, all the courses you need, in one place. Find and download the best high-quality courses now for free.

About Download [Laracasts] Let's Build A Forum with Laravel and TDD Free Online Course Videos Torrent | [FCO] FreeCoursesOnline.Me

What is this course (write the software name)

This course is called “Let’s Build A Forum with Laravel and TDD” and it is available on Laracasts. It is a free online course that focuses on teaching developers how to build a forum using Laravel and Test-Driven Development (TDD) practices.

Who can use this course?

This course is ideal for developers who have a basic understanding of Laravel and want to expand their knowledge by building a fully functional forum application. Whether you are a beginner looking to learn Laravel and TDD or an experienced developer wanting to enhance your skills, this course is a great resource for you.

What can this course do: Pros and Cons


1. Comprehensive Learning: The course covers various aspects of forum development, including user authentication, thread creation, reply management, and much more. It gives you a solid foundation in using Laravel and TDD practices effectively.

2. Hands-on Approach: The course follows a hands-on approach where you will be building a forum application from scratch. This allows you to apply the concepts learned in a practical manner, reinforcing your understanding of Laravel and TDD.

3. Experienced Instructor: The instructor, Jeffrey Way, is well-known in the Laravel community and has a knack for explaining complex topics in a simple and easily understandable manner. His teaching style makes it easy to follow along and grasp the concepts effectively.

4. Lifetime Access: Once you enroll in this course, you have lifetime access to the course material. This means you can revisit the lessons and refresh your knowledge whenever you need to.


1. Prior Knowledge Required: This course assumes that you have a basic understanding of Laravel. If you are an absolute beginner, it might be beneficial to first go through some introductory Laravel courses or tutorials to familiarize yourself with the framework.

2. Limited Focus: While the course covers building a forum application extensively, it may not delve deeper into more advanced Laravel features or other aspects of web development. If you are looking for a more comprehensive Laravel course, you might need to explore other resources alongside this course.


Q: Can I download the course videos?

A: Yes, you can download the course videos using the provided torrent link. However, it is highly recommended to support the platform and the instructor by purchasing the course directly from Laracasts.

Q: Does this course cover the latest version of Laravel?

A: The course was created using Laravel 5.4, but the concepts and principles taught are still applicable to newer versions of Laravel. However, there might be minor differences in syntax or features, so it’s advisable to refer to the Laravel documentation for any updates.

Q: Is Test-Driven Development (TDD) necessary for building a forum application?

A: TDD is not strictly necessary, but it is highly recommended as it ensures code quality and helps in building robust applications. The course provides a comprehensive introduction to TDD and its benefits, which can be applied beyond just building a forum application.

In conclusion, “Let’s Build A Forum with Laravel and TDD” is a valuable course for developers looking to learn Laravel and TDD practices. With its comprehensive content and hands-on approach, it equips you with the knowledge and skills to build a fully functional forum application. However, it is important to have prior knowledge of Laravel and understand that the course primarily focuses on a specific use case. Consider supplementing it with additional resources for a more comprehensive learning experience.

Download Download [Laracasts] Let's Build A Forum with Laravel and TDD Free Online Course Videos Torrent | [FCO] FreeCoursesOnline.Me For Free

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[Laracasts] Let’s Build A Forum with Laravel and TDD

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