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Learn how to create a 2D Action game with Unity 2023 by Gianny Dantas Free Download

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About Learn how to create a 2D Action game with Unity 2023 by Gianny Dantas

h3: What is this course
The course “Learn how to create a 2D Action game with Unity 2023 by Gianny Dantas” is designed to teach beginners and intermediate game developers how to create a 2D action game using the Unity game development platform. The course covers a wide range of topics, including creating game objects, designing levels, implementing character movement and animation, creating user interfaces, and adding audio and visual effects.

h3: Who can use this course?
This course is ideal for anyone who wants to learn how to create 2D action games using Unity. Whether you are a complete beginner with no prior experience in game development, or an intermediate developer looking to expand your skillset, this course provides a comprehensive introduction to creating 2D action games.

h3: What can this course do: Pros and Cons
– The course provides a step-by-step guide to creating a 2D action game, making it easy for beginners to follow along and learn.
– The instructor, Gianny Dantas, has a clear and engaging teaching style, making the learning process enjoyable.
– The course covers a wide range of topics, giving students a well-rounded understanding of game development using Unity.

– Some students may find the pace of the course to be too fast, especially if they are completely new to game development.
– Although the course covers a lot of ground, some more advanced topics may not be fully explored.

h3: FAQ
Q: Do I need any prior experience in game development to take this course?
A: No, this course is suitable for beginners and assumes no prior knowledge of game development.

Q: Will I be able to create my own 2D action game after completing this course?
A: Yes, by following the tutorials and implementing the techniques taught in the course, you will be able to create your own 2D action game using Unity.

Q: What software do I need to take this course?
A: You will need to have access to Unity 2023, as well as a computer capable of running the software. The instructor will provide guidance on how to set up Unity for game development.

Download Learn how to create a 2D Action game with Unity 2023 by Gianny Dantas For Free

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01. Introduction

01. Introduction
02. Join our Discord Server

02. Player

01. Introduction
02. Create Project
03. Player Movement
04. Player Dash
05. Add Rotation
06. Animations
07. Challenge Complete Animations

03. Player Configuration

01. Introduction-Player Config
02. Player Scriptable Object
03. Player Health
04. Player Energy
05. Player Ui
06. Ui Manager

04. Create Dungeons

01. Introduction-Dungeon Creation
02. Structure Dungeon
03. Create Rooms
04. Create 2C Rooms
05. Complete Rooms
06. Create Corridors
07. Build Dungeon
08. Create Doors
09. Add Props

05. Generate Dungeons

01. Introduction-Gen Dungeons
02. Review Templates
03. Store Templates
04. Get Tiles
05. Load Templates
06. Add Doors
07. Challenge Complete Rooms
08. Close Doors
09. Instantiate Dungeons
10. Load Dungeons
11. Position Player
12. Add Fade

06. Weapons

01. Introduction-Weapons
02. Configure Weapons
03. Create Weapons
04. Add Animations
05. Equip and Rotate Weapon
06. Shoot Gun
07. Use Energy
08. Melee Weapon
09. ITakeDamage Interface

07. Pick Items

01. Introduction-Items Pick-up
02. Create Chest
03. Pickable Items
04. Pick Up Weapons
05. Change Weapons
06. Show Item Name
07. Show Weapon Name
08. Chest Items
09. Game Manager
10. Singleton Pattern

08. Main Scene

01. Introduction-Main Scene
02. Create Main Scene
03. Create Selectable Players
04. Instantiate Players
05. Player Selection UI
06. Load Player Config
07. Select Player
08. Coin and Upgrade
09. Update Bars
10. Load Dungeon
11. UI Manager

09. Cinemachine

01. Add Cinemachine
02. Follow Player

10. Enemies

01. Introduction-Enemies
02. Create Enemy Prefabs
03. Enemy Health
04. Detect Enemy
05. Enemy in Line of Sight
06. Create AI System
07. Random Wander
08. Detect Obstacles
09. Instantiate Enemies
10. Tile Wander
11. Detect Player
12. Decision Player in Sight
13. Refactor Player Weapon
14. Enemy Weapon
15. Attack Player
16. Deal Damage
17. Rotate Weapon
18. Sword Weapon

11. Complete Rooms

01. Introduction-Complete Rooms
02. Enemy Killed Event
03. Create Chest in Room
04. Weapon UI
05. Health and Mana Potions
06. Base Bonus
07. Energy and Coin Bonus
08. Damage Text
09. Defeat Player

12. Boss

01. Create Boss
02. Boss Circle Pattern
03. Boss Random Pattern
04. Create Portal
05. Expand your Game

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