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Learn how to create a 2D RPG game with Unity 2023 by Gianny Dantas Free Download

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About Learn how to create a 2D RPG game with Unity 2023 by Gianny Dantas

h3: Learn how to create a 2D RPG game with Unity 2023 by Gianny Dantas

This course is designed for individuals interested in learning how to develop their own 2D RPG game using Unity 2023. Instructor Gianny Dantas provides step-by-step tutorials and guidance on how to create characters, design levels, and implement gameplay mechanics for an immersive gaming experience.

h3: Who can use this course?

This course is suitable for beginners who have little to no experience with game development and Unity. It is also beneficial for intermediate users who want to expand their skills and learn how to create a 2D RPG game specifically.

h3: What can this course can do – Pros and Cons

– Comprehensive tutorials: The course offers in-depth tutorials that cover various aspects of 2D RPG game development, including character design, level creation, and gameplay mechanics.
– Practical projects: Students have the opportunity to apply their knowledge by working on practical projects, which can help reinforce their learning.
– Engaging instructor: Gianny Dantas is a knowledgeable and engaging instructor who effectively communicates complex concepts in a clear and understandable manner.

– Limited advanced content: Advanced users may find the course lacking in more advanced topics related to 2D RPG game development.
– Limited focus: The course primarily focuses on creating 2D RPG games, so individuals interested in other types of game development may not find it suitable.

h3: FAQ

Q: Do I need prior experience with Unity to take this course?
A: No, this course is suitable for beginners and provides a comprehensive introduction to Unity and 2D RPG game development.

Q: Are there any assignments or assessments in the course?
A: Yes, students will have the opportunity to work on practical projects to apply their learning and receive feedback from the instructor.

Q: Can I use the skills learned in this course to create other types of games?
A: While the focus is on 2D RPG game development, the skills and knowledge gained can be applied to other types of game development within Unity.

In conclusion, “Learn how to create a 2D RPG game with Unity 2023 by Gianny Dantas” is a valuable course for individuals looking to enter the world of game development or expand their skills in 2D RPG game creation. The comprehensive tutorials, practical projects, and engaging instructor make it a worthwhile investment for those wanting to learn Unity game development.

Download Learn how to create a 2D RPG game with Unity 2023 by Gianny Dantas For Free

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01. Introduction

01. Promotional Video
02. Join our Discord Server

02. Create Player

01. Introduction-Player
02. Create Project
03. Player Movement
04. Add Walk Animations
05. Add Idle Animations
06. Player Health
07. Dead Animation
08. Player Mana
09. Revive Player
10. Player EXP
11. Player UI
12. Load Player UI

03. Build World

01. Introduction-World
02. Setup Sprites
03. Challenge Create Props
04. Create Main Village
05. Create Mob Spawn Area
06. Create NPC Area

04. Enemies

01. Introduction-Enemies
02. Add Enemies
03. Create FSM System
04. Wander State
05. Waypoint Editor
06. Patrol State
07. Detect Player
08. Chase Player
09. Attack State
10. Add Cinemachine

05. Combat System

01. Introduction-Combat
02. Damage Player
03. Create Damage Text
04. Select Enemy
05. Attack Animations
06. Create Projectiles
07. Create Weapons
08. Fire Projectiles
09. Damage Enemy
10. Use Melee Weapon
11. Apply Critical Damage

06. Leveling

01. Introduction-Levelling
02. Create Stats Panel
03. Load Player Stats
04. Gain Experience
05. Add Attributes
06. Upgrade Player

07. Items

01. Introduction-Items
02. Item Scriptable Object
03. Item Weapon
04. Item Health Potion
05. Item Mana Potion
06. Singleton Pattern
07. Item Extra
08. Challenge Complete Items

08. Inventory

01. Introduction-Inventoy
02. Create Inventory UI
03. Show Inventory Item
04. Stack Items
05. Use Item
06. Fix Call Order
07. Remove Item
08. Equip Item
09. Show Item Description

09. Save Inventory

01. Introduction-Save Inventory
02. Save Inventory
03. Load Inventory

10. Looting

01. Introduction-Looting
02. Create Loot Panel
03. Create Loot Items
04. Collect Items

11. NPCs and Dialogue System

01. Introduction-NPC n Dialogues
02. Add NPC Movement
03. Challenge Add More NPCs
04. Dialogue Scriptable Object
05. Show Dialogue
06. Challenge Create your own Dialogues

12. Quests

01. Introduction-Quests
02. Create Quest Panel
03. Quest Config
04. Load Quest
05. Accept Quest
06. Add Progress
07. Claim Quest

13. Shop

01. Introduction-Shop
04. Create Shop Panel
05. Load Shop Item
06. Buy Items

14. Expand your Game

01. Expand Project

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