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Little Adventurer – Learn to Make a 3D Action Game with Godot by Single-minded Ryan Free Download

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About Little Adventurer – Learn to Make a 3D Action Game with Godot by Single-minded Ryan

What is this course: Little Adventurer – Learn to Make a 3D Action Game with Godot by Single-minded Ryan

Little Adventurer is an online course developed by Single-minded Ryan that teaches individuals how to create a 3D action game using the Godot game development engine. This course is designed for beginners who have little to no experience in game development, making it accessible to anyone interested in learning how to create their own video game.

Who can use this course?

This course is suitable for aspiring game developers, hobbyists, or anyone interested in learning game development using the Godot engine. It caters to beginners, taking them through the entire process of creating a 3D action game step by step, making it easy for even those with no prior coding or game development knowledge to follow along.

Pros and Cons of this course

1. Comprehensive Learning: The course provides a comprehensive introduction to game development using Godot, covering everything from setting up the game environment to creating characters, adding gameplay mechanics, and implementing sound effects.
2. Structured Approach: The course is well-structured and organized, allowing learners to progress through the material in a logical order. Each section builds upon the previous one, ensuring a smooth learning experience.
3. Hands-on Projects: Little Adventurer encourages practical learning by guiding learners through the creation of a 3D action game. This hands-on approach helps reinforce concepts and allows learners to see their progress in real-time.
4. Instructor Support: Single-minded Ryan offers support and assistance throughout the course, promptly addressing learners’ queries and providing guidance whenever needed.

1. Limited Advanced Techniques: While the course provides a solid foundation in game development, it primarily focuses on the basics. Advanced techniques might not be covered in depth, making it necessary for learners to seek additional resources to fully expand their skills.
2. Minimal Design Considerations: The course focuses more on the technical aspects of game development rather than design aesthetics. Learners interested in improving their game design skills may need to explore additional resources.


1. Is any prior coding experience required for this course?
No, this course is designed for beginners and assumes no prior coding experience. It introduces learners to the basics of coding as they progress through the course.

2. Do I need any special software or hardware to complete this course?
To complete this course, you will need a computer with the Godot game development engine installed. The course provides instructions on how to download and set up Godot, making it easy for learners to get started.

3. How long does it take to complete the course?
The course duration can vary depending on the learner’s pace. On average, it can take around 20-30 hours to complete, considering the hands-on projects and practice exercises provided.

4. Is there any ongoing support after completing the course?
Yes, Single-minded Ryan offers ongoing support through the course discussion forums. Learners can post their questions or seek assistance even after completing the course to clarify any doubts they may have.

Download Little Adventurer – Learn to Make a 3D Action Game with Godot by Single-minded Ryan For Free

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01. Introduction & Setup

01. Learn to create a 3D action game with high-quality game assets
02. Download Godot
04. Create our new Godot project with the game asset
05. Create the game scene
06. Setup Godot editor

02. Setup the player

01. Setup the player node
02. Adding a camera to the player
03. Adding a characterBody3D script
04. The players basic movement (Explaining and tweaking the characterBody3D script)
05. Setting up the input map
06. Rotate the player to the input direction
07. Adding an OminLight3D node to light up the player
08. Running animation
09. Attaching the swords to the player

03. Creating the player footstep VFX

01. Setting up the Footstep VFX
02. Writing the Footstep VFX script

04. Creating the Coin

01. Setting up the Coin
02. Writing the Coin Script
03. The Coin pickup VFX
04. Updating the PlayerCharacter Script
05. Creating the Coin Animation
06. Setting up the Coin UI label
07. Writing the GameUIManager Script to update the coin label

05. Creating the Enemy AI Using Navigation

01. Setting up the Enemy
02. Creating the NavigationRegion3D node
03. Creating the NavigationAgent3D node
04. Writing the enemy movement script
05. Handling the enemy movement animation

06. Introduction To A Simple State Pattern

02. Writing the State base script
03. The structure of state machine and state nodes
04. Writing the state machine script

07. Implementing states for the player node

01. Creating the player’s idle state
02. Creating the player’s run state
03. Updating the footstep VFX script
04. Setting up the player slide input action and node
05. Creating the player slide state
06. Setting up the hitbox for the player
07. Setting up the player attack input action
08. Creating the player attack state

08. Creating the attack VFX

01. Setting up the sword blade VFX meshes
02. Creating the sword blade VFX material animation
03. Writing the sword blade VFX script
04. Adding a call method track to toggle the hitbox

09. The enemy’s health & the damaging process

01. Writing the enemy’s health script
02. Updating the player attack state script

10. Creating the attack VFX

01. Adding material flash VFX to the enemy
02. Adding attack hit VFX
03. Adding slide motion to the player’s attack

11. Player’s attack combo

01. Updating the player attack script
02. Setting up the attack state nodes
03. Updating call method tracks to the attack animations

12. The Enemy’s states

01. Setting up the enemy’s state nodes
02. Writing the enemy spawn state script
03. Creating the enemy spawn material effect animation
04. Writing the enemy chase state script
05. Setting up the hitbox for the enemy
06. Writing the enemy attack state script
07. Add the animation call method track for the hitbox
08. Handling the enemy’s damage to the player
09. Creating the enemy attack VFX
10. Writing the enemy dead state script
11. Creating the enemy dead material effect

13. The Player Health

01. Adding the health code to the PlayerCharacter script
02. Writing the player hurt state script
03. Adding hurt impact on the player
04. Adding hurt material effect to the player
05. Writing the player dead state script
06. Creating the player health bar UI
07. Writing the player health bar UI script

14. Creating the Healing Orb

01. Setting up the healing orb
02. Writing the heal orb script
03. Adding the pick-up VFX
04. Updating the enemy dead script to drop the healing orb

15. Creating the Gate

01. Setting up the gate
02. Creating the open gate animation
03. Writing the gate script

16. Enemy Spawner & Level Design

01. Setting up the spawn points
02. Writing the enemy spawn script
03. Fixing the enemy scene missing references problem
04. Setting up the gate
05. Writing the gate control script
06. Design three levels for the game
07. Setting up the final portal
08. Setting up the final portal 3D text
09. Writing the final portal script

17. Game Play UI

01. Setting up the game UI structure
02. Setting up the game finish UI
03. Creating the game manager script & Connecting the button signals
04. Setting up the game over UI & game pause UI
05. Moving the game UI script to the UI node
06. Updating the game UI script

18. Level Manager & Game Play Logic

01. Updating the game manager script
02. Writing the game finish code
03. Writing the game pause function code
04. Writing the game over function code
05. Writing the restart game function code
06. Writing the go to the main menu button code

19. The Main Menu Scene

01. Setting up the main menu scene
02. Writing the start game button and quit game button code

20. Polishing The Game

01. Adding coins & setting up the portal’s coin requires
02. Blending Animations
03. Setting the player’s attack direction to the mouse cursor

21. Export the game and play

01. Exporting the game to executable files

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