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[Lynda] Learning Microsoft SQL Server 2016 Free Download

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About [Lynda] Learning Microsoft SQL Server 2016

What is this course: Learning Microsoft SQL Server 2016

Learning Microsoft SQL Server 2016 is an online course offered by This comprehensive course is designed to help individuals gain a deep understanding of SQL Server 2016, which is a powerful relational database management system (RDBMS) developed by Microsoft. Participants will learn the fundamentals, as well as advanced techniques, of working with SQL Server 2016 and its various features.

Who can use this course?

This course is suitable for a wide range of individuals. Whether you are a beginner looking to learn SQL Server from scratch or an experienced developer seeking to upgrade your skills to SQL Server 2016, this course caters to users of all proficiency levels. Professionals who work with databases, such as database administrators, data analysts, and software developers, will greatly benefit from the knowledge gained in this course. Additionally, anyone interested in understanding the core concepts of SQL Server and relational databases can also enroll in this course.

What can this course do: Pros and Cons

1. Comprehensive Content: Learning Microsoft SQL Server 2016 covers a wide array of topics, starting from the basics of SQL Server to advanced concepts like data manipulation, indexing, and performance optimization. The course offers a well-structured curriculum that ensures thorough coverage of all key areas.
2. Expert Instructors: The course is taught by highly experienced instructors who possess a deep understanding of SQL Server 2016. Their expertise and clear explanations make it easier for learners to grasp complex concepts and apply them in real-world scenarios.
3. Hands-On Exercises: The course includes practical exercises and coding examples to reinforce the theoretical knowledge gained. These hands-on activities allow participants to actively engage with the material and gain valuable experience in SQL Server 2016.
4. Self-Paced Learning: This online course allows learners to study at their own pace. The course is available on-demand, ensuring flexibility and convenience. Individuals can access it anytime and from anywhere, making it suitable for working professionals with busy schedules.

1. Requires Basic SQL Knowledge: While the course covers SQL Server 2016 comprehensively, it assumes a basic understanding of SQL concepts. This may make it challenging for absolute beginners who have no prior knowledge of SQL.
2. Limited Interactivity: As an online course, the interactivity is limited compared to in-person classes. Although there are exercises, learners may miss out on the level of engagement and immediate feedback that face-to-face instruction can provide.
3. No Certification: Completion of this course does not provide a certification. If certification is a priority for learners, they may need to consider alternative courses or exams.


Q: Do I need any prior knowledge of SQL to take this course?
A: While having basic SQL knowledge is beneficial, it is not essential. The course covers SQL Server 2016 from the basics and gradually progresses to more advanced topics.

Q: Can I access the course material offline?
A: Yes, offers an option to download course videos and watch them offline using their mobile app.

Q: Is there an option for interaction with the instructors?
A: While there isn’t direct interaction with the instructors, learners can post questions in the course discussion forums, where instructors and fellow learners can provide answers and solutions.

Q: How long does it take to complete the course?
A: The course duration varies based on individual learning speed and time commitment. On average, it may take around 15-20 hours to complete.

Q: Can I receive a certificate after completing the course?
A: Unfortunately, does not offer a certificate of completion for this course. However, learners can add the course to their professional portfolios or include it in their resumes as a valuable learning experience.

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[Lynda] Learning Microsoft SQL Server 2016

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