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[Lynda] OpenCV for Python Developers Free Download

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About [Lynda] OpenCV for Python Developers

What is this course (write the software name)

The course I will be reviewing is called “OpenCV for Python Developers” by OpenCV, which stands for Open Source Computer Vision Library, is a popular open-source computer vision and machine learning software library. It provides developers with extensive functionality for various computer vision tasks, such as image and video processing, object detection, and machine learning algorithms.

Who can use this course?

This course is designed for Python developers who are interested in learning computer vision and want to leverage the power of OpenCV in their projects. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced programmer, this course is suitable for anyone who wants to apply computer vision techniques using Python and OpenCV.

What can this course do? Pros and Cons

1. Comprehensive coverage: The course covers various topics, including image and video manipulation, image filtering, object detection, feature extraction, and more. It provides a solid foundation for understanding and implementing computer vision techniques using OpenCV.
2. Practical examples: The instructors demonstrate the concepts and techniques with real-world examples, making it easier to understand and apply them in practical scenarios.
3. Hands-on exercises: The course offers hands-on exercises and coding challenges to reinforce the concepts learned. This practical approach helps learners to grasp the concepts effectively.
4. Instructor expertise: The instructors are experienced Python developers with a deep understanding of computer vision. They explain the concepts clearly and provide valuable insights throughout the course.

1. Limited focus on advanced topics: While the course covers a wide range of fundamental concepts, it does not delve into advanced techniques like deep learning or advanced object tracking. Users looking for advanced topics may need to explore additional resources.
2. Lack of updates: OpenCV is continuously evolving, and new versions with enhanced features are released regularly. The course might not cover the latest updates and advancements in OpenCV. Learners should supplement their knowledge by referring to the OpenCV documentation or other resources.


Q: Do I need prior knowledge of Python to take this course?
A: Basic knowledge of Python programming is recommended to make the most out of this course. However, the course does cover the essential Python concepts needed to use OpenCV effectively.

Q: Can I apply the knowledge gained from this course to other programming languages?
A: While the course specifically focuses on using OpenCV with Python, the underlying computer vision concepts are applicable to other programming languages as well. However, the implementation details may vary.

Q: Are there any prerequisites for this course?
A: No specific prerequisites are mentioned for this course. However, familiarity with basic programming concepts and image processing fundamentals would be advantageous.

Q: Is a certificate provided upon completion of the course?
A: does not offer certificates for individual courses. However, they do provide a certificate of completion if you have a subscription to their platform.

In conclusion, “OpenCV for Python Developers” on is a valuable course for Python developers who want to learn computer vision and leverage the capabilities of OpenCV. It covers a wide range of topics, provides practical examples, and offers hands-on exercises to reinforce learning. While it may not cover advanced topics or the latest updates in OpenCV, it serves as an excellent starting point for beginners or those looking to refresh their knowledge in computer vision.

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[Lynda] OpenCV for Python Developers

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