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Make 3D Anime Characters in Blender by Grant Abbitt ( – Face & Body Only Free Download

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About Make 3D Anime Characters in Blender by Grant Abbitt ( – Face & Body Only

What is this course?

This course, “Make 3D Anime Characters in Blender” by Grant Abbitt, offered by, is a comprehensive guide that teaches you how to create 3D anime characters using Blender software. It focuses specifically on the creation of the face and body of the characters, equipping you with the necessary skills to bring your favorite anime characters to life in three dimensions.

Who can use this course?

This course is suitable for both beginners and intermediate users of Blender. If you are interested in character creation and have a passion for anime, this course will provide you with the knowledge and techniques to develop your skills in 3D modeling and animation. Whether you are an aspiring game developer, animator, or simply an anime lover looking to explore the world of character creation, this course is designed to cater to your needs.

What can this course do – The Pros and Cons

1. Comprehensive Learning: Grant Abbitt covers a wide range of topics, from basic concepts to more advanced techniques, ensuring that learners gain a thorough understanding of character creation in Blender.
2. Practical Projects: The course provides hands-on exercises and projects, allowing learners to actively apply the concepts taught and strengthen their skills.
3. Instructor’s Expertise: Grant Abbitt’s experience as both a professional 3D artist and instructor shines through in his engaging teaching style and clear explanations.
4. Supportive Community: offers a community forum where learners can connect with fellow students, seek assistance, and showcase their work to receive feedback and encouragement.

1. Limited Focus: While the course focuses specifically on creating 3D anime characters’ faces and bodies, it may not cover other aspects of character creation, such as rigging and animation, as extensively.
2. Pacing: Learners with no prior experience in Blender may find certain sections of the course challenging to follow due to the rapid progression of topics. However, the instructor’s guidance helps mitigate this issue to a great extent.


Q: Do I need any prior experience in Blender or 3D modeling to enroll in this course?
A: While prior experience is not necessary, some basic familiarity with Blender’s interface and functions would be beneficial. Beginner-friendly tutorials are available within the course to help you get started.

Q: Can I use the skills learned in this course for purposes other than creating anime characters?
A: Absolutely! The techniques taught in this course can be applied to character creation in general, allowing you to create a wide variety of 3D characters, not just limited to anime.

Q: Are the course materials accessible after completion?
A: Yes, once you enroll in the course, you gain lifetime access to the course materials, including updates and additional resources. This allows you to revisit the content and reinforce your learning whenever necessary.

Q: Is the course suitable for Mac and PC users?
A: Yes, Blender is a cross-platform software compatible with both Mac and PC operating systems, making this course accessible to users of either platform.

In conclusion, “Make 3D Anime Characters in Blender” is an informative and practical course that equips learners with the essential skills to create captivating 3D anime characters. The comprehensive coverage of topics and the instructor’s expertise make it a valuable resource for both beginners and intermediate Blender users. While the course may have a limited focus and may be challenging for absolute beginners, the pros outweigh the cons, making it an excellent choice for those interested in diving into the world of 3D character creation in Blender.

Download Make 3D Anime Characters in Blender by Grant Abbitt ( – Face & Body Only For Free

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