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NHibernate Profiler v5.0 Build 5042 + License Free Download

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About NHibernate Profiler v5.0 Build 5042 + License

What is NHibernate Profiler?

NHibernate Profiler is a software tool that helps developers optimize and profile their NHibernate data access layer. It provides real-time insight into the SQL statements being executed by NHibernate, allowing developers to identify and address performance issues effectively.

Who can use NHibernate Profiler?

NHibernate Profiler is designed for developers working with NHibernate, a popular object-relational mapping (ORM) framework for .NET. It is particularly useful for developers who want to optimize their NHibernate-based applications and ensure their database interactions are efficient.

What can NHibernate Profiler do (Pros) and its limitations (Cons)?


  • Real-time monitoring: NHibernate Profiler provides real-time monitoring of all SQL statements executed by NHibernate, allowing developers to identify potential bottlenecks or performance issues.
  • Performance optimization: By analyzing the SQL statements and their execution patterns, NHibernate Profiler helps developers optimize queries, improve caching strategies, and reduce database round trips.
  • Security analysis: The software also helps analyze the security of NHibernate configurations, by identifying potential vulnerabilities like SQL injection or misconfigured mappings.
  • Integration with popular tools: NHibernate Profiler integrates seamlessly with popular development tools, including Visual Studio, SQL Server Management Studio, and Entity Developer.
  • Easy to use: The software has an intuitive and user-friendly interface, making it easy for developers, even those without deep knowledge of database optimization, to use it effectively.


  • Cost: NHibernate Profiler is a commercial software, and a license is required to use it. While it offers significant benefits for NHibernate development, the cost may be a deterrent for some developers or organizations on a tight budget.
  • Dependency on NHibernate: NHibernate Profiler is designed specifically for NHibernate, and therefore, it may not be useful for developers using other ORM frameworks, such as Entity Framework or Dapper.


Q: Can NHibernate Profiler work with both SQL Server and other database engines?
A: Yes, NHibernate Profiler is compatible with multiple database engines, including SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, SQLite, and PostgreSQL.

Q: Can NHibernate Profiler help me debug NHibernate-related issues?
A: Yes, NHibernate Profiler provides detailed information about NHibernate’s behavior, including how it interacts with the database. This information can be valuable for debugging and troubleshooting NHibernate-related issues.

Q: Is NHibernate Profiler suitable for both small and large-scale applications?
A: Yes, NHibernate Profiler can be beneficial for both small and large-scale applications. It helps identify performance bottlenecks, inefficient queries, and other issues that can impact application performance, regardless of its size.

Q: Is NHibernate Profiler compatible with NHibernate 5.0?
A: Yes, NHibernate Profiler is fully compatible with NHibernate 5.0 and provides extensive profiling capabilities for all versions of NHibernate.

In conclusion, NHibernate Profiler is a powerful tool for NHibernate developers to optimize their data access layer, improve performance, and ensure secure and efficient SQL interactions. While it carries a cost and is specific to NHibernate, its extensive features and integration with popular development tools make it a valuable asset for NHibernate-based applications.

Download NHibernate Profiler v5.0 Build 5042 + License For Free

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NHibernate Profiler v5.0 Build 5042 + License

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