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Passware Kit Forensic 2021.2.1 / WinPE Boot + License Free Download

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About Passware Kit Forensic 2021.2.1 / WinPE Boot + License

Passware Kit Forensic 2021.2.1 / WinPE Boot + License Review

Passware Kit Forensic 2021.2.1 / WinPE Boot + License Review

What is Passware Kit Forensic?

Passware Kit Forensic 2021.2.1 is a powerful software designed for digital forensics and password recovery. It offers extensive decryption capabilities to help investigators gain access to encrypted data and recover passwords from a wide range of file formats, including documents, archives, databases, and more.

Who can use this software?


Passware Kit Forensic is primarily used by forensic professionals, law enforcement agencies, computer experts, IT administrators, and security consultants. It is an indispensable tool for those involved in digital investigations, e-discovery, or password recovery tasks.

What can this software do – Pros and Cons


  • Wide file format support: Passware Kit Forensic can decrypt and recover passwords from various file formats, such as Microsoft Office documents, PDF files, ZIP and RAR archives, TrueCrypt containers, QuickBooks databases, and more.
  • High-speed password recovery: The software utilizes advanced GPU acceleration and distributed computing to significantly speed up the password recovery process, allowing for quick results even with complex passwords.
  • Batch processing: Passware Kit Forensic allows you to process multiple files or entire folders simultaneously, saving time and effort for multi-file operations.
  • Live memory analysis: The software offers the ability to analyze live memory dumps, which can be valuable in extracting encryption keys and recovering passwords that are not stored on disk.
  • Portable version with WinPE Boot: Passware Kit Forensic provides a WinPE Boot environment that can be used to run the software on a bootable USB drive without the need to install it on the target system.


  • Learning curve: Due to the software’s extensive capabilities, it may require some time and effort to fully understand and make use of all its features. Novice users may find it overwhelming initially.
  • Price: Passware Kit Forensic is a professional-grade tool and comes with a corresponding price tag. It may be too expensive for casual users or those with limited budgets.


Q: Can Passware Kit Forensic recover passwords from encrypted PDFs?

A: Yes, Passware Kit Forensic supports password recovery from encrypted PDF files.

Q: Is the WinPE Boot environment included with the software?

A: Yes, Passware Kit Forensic includes the WinPE Boot environment, allowing you to run the software from a bootable USB drive.

Q: Can Passware Kit Forensic recover passwords from online accounts?

A: No, Passware Kit Forensic is primarily designed for offline password recovery from local files, not online accounts.

Download Passware Kit Forensic 2021.2.1 / WinPE Boot + License For Free

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Passware Kit Forensic 2021.2.1 / WinPE Boot + License

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