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PDF Shaper Professional v13.6 Multilingual Portable Free Download

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About PDF Shaper Professional v13.6 Multilingual Portable

What is this software (PDF Shaper Professional v13.6 Multilingual Portable)?

PDF Shaper Professional v13.6 Multilingual Portable is a versatile software that offers a wide range of tools to manage and manipulate PDF files. It is a compact and portable software that can be carried on USB drives, making it convenient for users who frequently work with PDF files on the go.

Who can use this software?

PDF Shaper Professional can be used by various professionals and individuals who extensively work with PDF files. It caters to a wide range of users, including students, teachers, office workers, researchers, and freelancers. Whether you need to merge multiple PDF files, convert them to various formats, extract specific pages, encrypt or decrypt them, or perform other PDF-related tasks, this software can help you simplify and streamline these processes.

What can this software do? Pros and Cons

– User-friendly interface: PDF Shaper Professional sports an intuitive interface, allowing even beginners to easily navigate through its features.
– Versatile functionality: This software offers a comprehensive set of tools to manage PDF files, including merging, splitting, extracting specific pages, rotating, watermarking, encrypting, and decrypting.
– Batch processing: Users can process multiple PDF files simultaneously, saving both time and effort.
– File conversion: PDF Shaper Professional supports various popular document formats, such as DOC, DOCX, HTML, TXT, and more, allowing easy conversion of PDF files to these formats.
– Compression capabilities: The software offers the option to compress PDF files, reducing their file size without compromising on quality.
– OCR functionality: The Pro version of PDF Shaper Professional features OCR (Optical Character Recognition), allowing users to convert scanned PDF documents into searchable and editable text.

– Limited advanced editing features: While PDF Shaper Professional covers the basic editing needs for most users, it may not offer the extensive capabilities required for advanced editing tasks.
– No cloud integration: Unlike some other PDF tools, PDF Shaper Professional does not offer direct integration with cloud storage services.

Overall, PDF Shaper Professional v13.6 Multilingual Portable provides a powerful and user-friendly solution for managing and manipulating PDF files. Its extensive range of tools and ability to perform batch processing make it a valuable asset for anyone dealing with PDF files regularly.


Q: Is PDF Shaper Professional compatible with all Windows versions?
A: Yes, PDF Shaper Professional supports all recent versions of Windows, including Windows 10, 8, 7, and Vista.

Q: Can PDF Shaper Professional convert password-protected PDF files?
A: PDF Shaper Professional allows converting password-protected PDF files if the user knows the password and provides it during the conversion process.

Q: Is OCR functionality available in the free version of PDF Shaper?
A: No, the OCR functionality is only available in the Professional version of PDF Shaper.

Q: Can I undo changes made using PDF Shaper Professional?
A: Yes, PDF Shaper Professional provides an undo feature, allowing you to revert any changes made during your current session.

Q: Can I extract images from PDF files using PDF Shaper Professional?
A: Yes, PDF Shaper Professional allows you to extract images from PDF files, preserving their original quality.

Q: Is PDF Shaper Professional available in languages other than English?
A: Yes, PDF Shaper Professional is multilingual and supports languages such as German, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, and many more.

Download PDF Shaper Professional v13.6 Multilingual Portable For Free

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PDF Shaper Professional v13.6 Multilingual Portable

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