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Process Teaching of Rapid Production of Digital Scenes – The Kills Desk (数字场景快速制作《The kill’s Desk》流程教学 – Chinese, Eng sub) Free Download

Download Process Teaching of Rapid Production of Digital Scenes – The Kills Desk (数字场景快速制作《The kill’s Desk》流程教学 – Chinese, Eng sub) for free with direct link, all the courses you need, in one place. Find and download the best high-quality courses now for free.

About Process Teaching of Rapid Production of Digital Scenes – The Kills Desk (数字场景快速制作《The kill’s Desk》流程教学 – Chinese, Eng sub)

What is this course: Process Teaching of Rapid Production of Digital Scenes – The Kills Desk (数字场景快速制作《The kill’s Desk》流程教学 – Chinese, Eng sub)

This course, “Process Teaching of Rapid Production of Digital Scenes – The Kills Desk,” is a comprehensive tutorial that teaches the process of quickly creating digital scenes using the popular software named “The Kills Desk.” The course is available in both Chinese and English subtitles, making it accessible to a wider audience.

Who can use this course?

This course is designed for individuals who are interested in digital scene production, such as aspiring graphic designers, animators, game developers, and filmmakers. It caters to both beginners who are new to the software and more experienced users looking to enhance their skills in creating digital scenes.

What can this course do? Pros and Cons

1. Comprehensive Tutorial: The course provides a step-by-step walkthrough of the entire process, from setting up the software to creating intricate digital scenes, ensuring learners have a thorough understanding of the topic.
2. Engaging Content: The use of visuals, demonstrations, and practical examples keeps the learners engaged throughout the course, making the learning experience more enjoyable.
3. Multilingual Support: Offering both Chinese and English subtitles ensures that learners from different language backgrounds can comprehend the content effectively.
4. Practical Application: This course focuses on real-world applicability, teaching skills that can be directly implemented in various creative industries.

1. Lack of Advanced Techniques: While the course covers the basics and provides a solid foundation, it may not delve deep into advanced techniques for more experienced users seeking advanced knowledge.
2. Limited Software Focus: Since this course specifically caters to “The Kills Desk” software, it may not be as beneficial for individuals who intend to use other digital scene production tools.


Q: Is prior experience with digital scene production required to take this course?
A: No, this course is suitable for both beginners and more experienced individuals looking to enhance their skills in digital scene production.

Q: Can I access the course materials offline?
A: Yes, after purchasing the course, you can download the materials to access them offline.

Q: Are there any prerequisites for this course?
A: There are no specific prerequisites for this course. However, having a general understanding of digital design concepts and basic computer skills would be beneficial.

Q: Are there any assignments or quizzes in this course?
A: This course primarily focuses on practical demonstrations and walkthroughs, with minimal assignments or quizzes.

Download Process Teaching of Rapid Production of Digital Scenes – The Kills Desk (数字场景快速制作《The kill’s Desk》流程教学 – Chinese, Eng sub) For Free

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Chapter 1 – Preliminary Preparation

课时1 – BonusTools插件安装与简单操作
课时2 – 确定选材寻找参考与参考图软件PureRef的使用
课时3 – 制作工具架常用命令

Chapter 2 – Simple Model Construction

课时4 – 简模制作(1)(演示 无解说)
课时5 – 简模制作(2)(演示 无解说)

Chapter 3 – Scene Preparation

课时6 – 构图与焦距
课时7 – 在Maya中创建相机
课时8 – 构建预览灯光并快速渲染
课时9 – 绘制设想图

Chapter 4 – Low Poly Production

课时10 – 完善桌子低模
课时11 – 插排与充电器插头
课时12 – 台灯与魔法书
课时13 – TF卡风扇打印机(1)
课时14 – TF卡风扇打印机(2)
课时15 – 子弹与滑板
课时16 – iPad与充电器完善
课时17 – 便利贴与桌面上的纸
课时18 – 手办制作工具(1)
课时19 – 手办制作工具(2)
课时20 – 烟灰缸与烟头
课时21 – 辉光时钟与胶棒
课时22 – 茶杯与酒瓶
课时23 – 地球仪与积木
课时24 – 笔筒和笔
课时25 – 相框黑板与装饰
课时26 – 相机(1)
课时27 – 相机(2)
课时28 – 手枪与弹夹(1)
课时29 – 手枪与弹夹(2)
课时30 – 手枪与弹夹(3)
课时31 – 手枪与弹夹(4)
课时32 – 手枪与弹夹(5)
课时33 – 桌面上的电线

Chapter 5 – Model UVs

课时34 – 展UV前准备
课时35 – 桌子、墙
课时36 – 台灯、魔法书
课时37 – TF卡、铭牌
课时38 – 打印机、滑板
课时39 – 积木、iPad、便利贴
课时40 – 手办工具
课时41 – 烟灰缸与烟
课时42 – 胶棒、硬币、桌面纸、酒瓶、铅笔
课时43 – 茶杯、充电器、地球仪
课时44 – 黑板、相框、墙上装饰
课时45 – 辉光时钟
课时46 – 切割板、弹夹
课时47 – 相机
课时48 – 手枪(1)

Chapter 6 – High Polygon Production

课时49 – 手枪(2)
课时50 – 弹夹、切割板、桌面
课时51 – 手办工具、TF卡、硬币
课时52 – 打印机、魔法书
课时53 – iPad、充电器、青花瓷
课时54 – 滑板、地球仪、相框
课时55 – 黑板、时钟、烟灰缸
课时56 – 胶棒、相机
课时57 – 小兵人
课时58 – 玫瑰花(1)
课时59 – 玫瑰花(2)

Chapter 7 – Figure Model

课时60 – 手办前期准备
课时61 – 手办底座
课时62 – 手办头部(1)
课时63 – 手办头部(2)
课时64 – 手办衣服(1)
课时65 – 手办衣服(2)
课时66 – 手办衣服(3)
课时67 – 手办武器和翅膀
课时68 – 手办装备(Zb硬表面流程)快速演示

Chapter 8 – Model Textures

课时69 – 青花瓷
课时70 – 魔法书
课时71 – 手办工具
课时72 – 子弹、弹夹
课时73 – 桌子
课时74 – 切割板、便利贴
课时75 – TF卡
课时76 – 辉光时钟、桌面贴纸、小兵人
课时77 – 桌面纸、铅笔、胶棒
课时78 – 香烟
课时79 – 烟灰缸、硬币
课时80 – 地球仪、相框、黑板
课时81 – 黑板装饰、墙上贴纸
课时82 – 笔筒、风扇、插排、插线板、线
课时83 – 相机
课时84 – 滑板、积木
课时85 – 酒瓶、玫瑰花
课时86 – iPad、小打印机
课时87 – 手枪

Chapter 9 – Final Chapter

课时88 – DW_MaterialManager安装与使用
课时89 – 场景优化 、贴图修复
课时90 – HDR环境光场景光与渲染设置
课时91 – Photoshop调整

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