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Tableau Desktop Professional Edition v2020.1.3 + Crack Free Download

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About Tableau Desktop Professional Edition v2020.1.3 + Crack

What is this software (Tableau Desktop Professional Edition v2020.1.3 + Crack)?

Tableau Desktop Professional Edition v2020.1.3 + Crack is a powerful data visualization and business intelligence software. It allows users to connect to various data sources, create interactive dashboards, and generate meaningful reports and visualizations.

Who can use this software?

Tableau Desktop Professional Edition is ideal for individuals and organizations that work with data and want to gain insights from it. It is used by data analysts, business analysts, data scientists, and professionals from various industries such as finance, marketing, sales, and operations.

What can this software do – Pros and Cons

1. Intuitive Interface: Tableau Desktop Professional Edition offers an easy-to-use interface, allowing users to quickly create visualizations and explore data without extensive technical knowledge.
2. Robust Data Connections: It provides numerous data connectors, enabling users to connect to multiple data sources, such as spreadsheets, databases, cloud services, and big data platforms.
3. Advanced Visualizations: With an extensive selection of charts, graphs, and maps, users can create visually appealing and interactive dashboards and reports to explore data from different perspectives.
4. Powerful Analytics Capabilities: The software offers advanced analytics tools, including forecasting, clustering, and statistical functions, allowing users to gain deeper insights and make data-driven decisions.
5. Collaboration and Sharing: Tableau allows users to collaborate on projects, share live dashboards, and publish them on Tableau Server or Tableau Public for easy sharing and dissemination of insights.

1. Price: Tableau Desktop Professional Edition can be expensive for individual users or small businesses, especially when considering additional costs for server licenses and maintenance.
2. Steep Learning Curve: While the software offers a user-friendly interface, mastering its advanced features and functionality may require some time and effort for new users.
3. Performance Issues with Large Datasets: When working with large datasets, Tableau Desktop Professional Edition may sometimes experience performance issues, leading to slower loading and refreshing speeds.


Q: Is it legal to use a cracked version of Tableau Desktop Professional Edition?
A: No, using cracked software is illegal and unethical. It violates copyright laws and can result in legal consequences.

Q: Can Tableau Desktop Professional Edition handle real-time data?
A: Yes, Tableau Desktop Professional Edition can connect to and analyze real-time data from various sources, enabling users to gain up-to-date insights.

Q: Can I share my visualizations created in Tableau Desktop Professional Edition with others who don’t have the software?
A: Yes, Tableau offers options to share visualizations via Tableau Server, Tableau Public, or as static images or PDF files, allowing others to view your work without needing the software.

In conclusion, Tableau Desktop Professional Edition is a powerful data visualization tool that empowers users to explore, analyze, and communicate data effectively. Its intuitive interface, robust data connections, and advanced analytics capabilities make it an excellent choice for businesses and professionals seeking actionable insights from their data. However, the software’s price and learning curve can be potential drawbacks for some users.

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Tableau Desktop Professional Edition v2020.1.3 + Crack

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