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Torrent File Editor v0.3.18 Portable Free Download

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About Torrent File Editor v0.3.18 Portable

Torrent File Editor v0.3.18 Portable – Software Review

Torrent File Editor v0.3.18 Portable – Software Review

What is Torrent File Editor v0.3.18 Portable?

Torrent File Editor v0.3.18 Portable is a software designed for editing torrent files. It allows users to browse and modify the contents of torrent files to customize or enhance their torrenting experience.

Who can use this software?

This software is suitable for anyone who frequently works with torrent files, including torrent enthusiasts, torrent tracker administrators, and users who want to customize their torrent downloads.

Pros and Cons of Torrent File Editor v0.3.18 Portable


  • Portable: Being a portable software, it does not require installation and can be carried on a USB drive, making it convenient to use on different devices.
  • User-friendly Interface: The software offers an intuitive interface, making it easy for both beginners and advanced users to navigate and edit torrent files.
  • File Modification: It allows users to add, remove, and modify files within the torrent, giving more control over the contents of the downloads.
  • Trackers Management: Users can manage the trackers in torrent files, optimizing download speed and improving overall performance.


  • Limited Torrent File Support: The software supports a wide range of torrent files, but some less common or proprietary formats might not be fully compatible.
  • Advanced Features: While the software offers essential editing capabilities, some advanced features typically found in dedicated torrent clients may be lacking.
  • No Magnet Link Support: Torrent File Editor does not support the creation or editing of magnet links, limiting its functionality in some scenarios.


Q: Can Torrent File Editor modify the file order within a torrent?

A: Yes, users can easily change the order of files within a torrent by using the software.

Q: Does this software support batch editing of torrent files?

A: Unfortunately, Torrent File Editor does not have a batch editing feature, requiring files to be edited individually.

Q: Can Torrent File Editor adjust the download priority of specific files in a torrent?

A: Yes, the software allows users to set the download priority for individual files within the torrent.

Q: Does Torrent File Editor support automatic updates?

A: At present, Torrent File Editor does not have automatic update functionality. Users need to manually download and install newer versions.

Download Torrent File Editor v0.3.18 Portable For Free

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Torrent File Editor v0.3.18 Portable

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