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UE5 Sci-Fi VFX Series – Part 2 – Laser & Plasma Blaster VFX by Jesse Henning Free Download

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About UE5 Sci-Fi VFX Series – Part 2 – Laser & Plasma Blaster VFX by Jesse Henning

What is this course: UE5 Sci-Fi VFX Series – Part 2 – Laser & Plasma Blaster VFX by Jesse Henning

The UE5 Sci-Fi VFX Series – Part 2 – Laser & Plasma Blaster VFX is an online course created by Jesse Henning. This course specifically focuses on teaching students how to create realistic laser and plasma blaster visual effects (VFX) using the Unreal Engine 5 (UE5). The course is intended for individuals who have some basic knowledge of UE5 and are interested in expanding their skills in VFX creation.

Who can use this course?

This course is designed for intermediate to advanced users of the Unreal Engine 5 who are interested in honing their skills in creating captivating laser and plasma blaster VFX. Whether you are a game developer, a visual effects artist, or simply interested in learning how to create stunning effects, this course is tailored to help you achieve your goals.

What can this course do: Pros and Cons

1. Expert guidance: Jesse Henning, a renowned VFX artist with years of experience, provides comprehensive instruction on creating laser and plasma blaster effects. His expertise ensures that students receive top-notch guidance throughout the course.
2. Hands-on approach: The course takes a practical approach and allows students to learn by doing. This hands-on experience is valuable for understanding the intricacies involved in VFX creation.
3. Unreal Engine 5: The course utilizes the power of UE5, which is known for its cutting-edge capabilities in real-time rendering. This ensures that students are equipped with the knowledge required to create high-quality effects.
4. Industry-relevant techniques: By following this course, students learn industry-standard techniques for creating laser and plasma blaster VFX, making them better prepared for careers in animation, gaming, or visual effects.

1. Pre-requisites required: As this course focuses on advanced techniques, it assumes prior knowledge of UE5 and basic VFX concepts. Beginners may find it challenging to follow along without sufficient understanding of the fundamentals.
2. Limited scope: While this course offers in-depth instruction on laser and plasma blaster VFX, it does not cover other types of visual effects that may be of interest to some learners.
3. Technical requirements: Due to the advanced nature of the course, students may need a powerful computer setup to successfully run UE5 and work with complex VFX simulations.


Q: Are there any additional software requirements for this course?
A: The course primarily focuses on UE5 for VFX creation, but basic knowledge of a 3D modeling software such as Blender or Maya is beneficial for asset creation.

Q: Is this course suitable for beginners?
A: This course is intended for intermediate to advanced users who already have a basic understanding of UE5 and VFX fundamentals. Beginners may struggle without prior knowledge.

Q: How long does it take to complete the course?
A: The course consists of several video lessons with a total duration of approximately X hours. The actual time to complete the course may vary based on individual learning speed and practice.

Q: Are there any prerequisites for this course?
A: Yes, basic knowledge of UE5 and VFX concepts is recommended to fully benefit from this course. Familiarity with 3D modeling software is also helpful.

Q: Is this course suitable for non-gaming purposes?
A: Although the focus is on creating visual effects for games, the skills and techniques taught in this course can be applied to various industries such as film, simulation, and virtual reality.

Download UE5 Sci-Fi VFX Series – Part 2 – Laser & Plasma Blaster VFX by Jesse Henning For Free

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01. Series Introduction and Setup

01. Series Introduction
02. Starting with Part 2 and Skipped Part 1 – Watch This!
03. Unreal Project Setup

02. Laser Beam VFX

01. Section Introduction
02. Concept Breakdown
03. Concept Timelapse
04. Textures Part 1 – Front Muzzle Flash
05. Textures Part 2 – Side Muzzle Flash
06. Textures Part 3 – Impact Decal
07. VFX Naming Conventions for Production
08. Meshes Part 1 – Muzzle Flash
09. Meshes Part 2 – Laser Beam
10. Simulations – Hit Smoke Part 1 – Houdini Setup
11. Simulations – Hit Smoke Part 2 – Houdini Simulation
12. Simulations – Hit Smoke Part 3 – Houdini Export for Unreal
13. Simulations – Explosive Part 1 – EmberGen Simulation
14. Simulations – Explosive Part 2 – EmberGen Export for Unreal
15. Importing Assets into Unreal
16. Materials Part 1 – Laser Beam and Sparks
17. Materials Part 2 – Impact Decal
18. Materials Part 3a – Muzzle Flashes
19. Materials Part 3b – Function and Material Wrap Up
20. Materials Part 4a – Impact Smoke
21. Materials Part 4b – Function and Material Wrap Up
22. Materials Part 5 – Laser Impact Hit
23. Blueprints Part 1 – Test Spawner and Projectile
24. Blueprints Part 2 – Projectile Collision and Impact Setup
25. Blueprints Part 3 – Material and Light Setup
26. Blueprints Part 4 – Final Laser Beam Logic Setup
27. Blueprints Part 5 – Impact Decal Logic
28. Blueprints Part 6 – Character Logic
29. Niagara Part 1a – Muzzle Flash – Blockout
30. Niagara Part 1b – Muzzle Flash – Animation
31. Niagara Part 1c – Muzzle Flash – Sparks
32. Niagara Part 2a – Impact Hit – Sparks
33. Niagara Part 2b – Impact Hit – Flash
34. Niagara Part 2c – Impact Hit – Flash Smoke
35. Niagara Part 2d – Impact Hit – Smoke
36. Laser Beam VFX Polish Pass
37. Assignment

03. Plasma Blaster VFX

01. Section Introduction
02. Concept Breakdown
10. Materials Part 3 – Plasma Trail
11. Materials Part 4a – Plasma Disc
12. Materials Part 4b – Plasma Disc – Masks & Animation
13. Materials Part 4c – Plasma Disc – Refraction & Material Wrap Up
14. Blueprints Part 1 – Plasma Impact Decal
15. Blueprints Part 2 – Plasma Ball Projectile
16. Blueprints Part 3 – Projectile Collision
17. Blueprints Part 4 – Character Logic and Animation Montage FX Hookups
18. Niagara Part 1 – Initial System Balance
19. Niagara Part 2 – Muzzle Flash and Energy Burst
20. Niagara Part 3 – Plasma Impact Hit System

[Udemy] UE5 Sci-Fi VFX Series – Part 2 – Laser & Plasma Blaster VFX by Jesse Henning.7z.001.rar
[Udemy] UE5 Sci-Fi VFX Series – Part 2 – Laser & Plasma Blaster VFX by Jesse Henning.7z.002.rar

[Udemy] UE5 Sci-Fi VFX Series – Part 2 – Laser & Plasma Blaster VFX by Jesse Henning_Subtitles.7z

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