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Visual TimeAnalyzer v2.0c Portable Free Download

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About Visual TimeAnalyzer v2.0c Portable

What is this software (Visual TimeAnalyzer v2.0c Portable)

Visual TimeAnalyzer v2.0c Portable is a powerful software tool for tracking and analyzing how you spend your time on your computer. Whether you are a freelancer, a manager, or a team leader, this software enables you to monitor and optimize your productivity by providing detailed insights into your computer activities.

Who can use this software?

Visual TimeAnalyzer v2.0c Portable is suitable for individuals, small business owners, project managers, and anyone who wants to improve their time management skills and increase productivity. It is especially helpful for remote workers who need to keep track of their computer activities.

What can this software do – Pros and Cons

– Comprehensive time tracking: Visual TimeAnalyzer accurately records the time spent on different applications, documents, websites, and projects. It provides detailed reports and charts, enabling you to identify time-consuming activities and areas where you can improve efficiency.
– User-friendly interface: The software features a simple and intuitive interface, making it easy for users of all technical levels to navigate and configure their preferences.
– Portable version: The portable nature of Visual TimeAnalyzer means you can use it on any compatible device without the need for installation. This makes it convenient for individuals who work on different computers or need to access their time data on the go.
– Customizable settings: The software allows users to customize and configure preferences according to their specific needs. You can choose the applications and websites you want to track, exclude specific activities, and set up alerts to remind you of excessive usage.

– Limited to computer-based activities: Visual TimeAnalyzer primarily focuses on tracking computer activities and may not effectively track time spent on non-computer tasks.
– Lack of real-time tracking: While the software provides accurate reports, it does not offer real-time tracking of activities. Thus, users may not receive immediate feedback on their productivity or potential distractions.


Q: Can I export the time analysis data to other formats?
A: Yes, Visual TimeAnalyzer allows you to export reports and data in various formats like Excel, HTML, and PDF, enabling you to further analyze or present the data as needed.

Q: Can I monitor multiple users or teams with this software?
A: Yes, the software offers multi-user capability. You can monitor and analyze the computer activities of multiple users or teams, providing a comprehensive overview of time usage within your organization.

Q: Does Visual TimeAnalyzer track time spent on multiple monitors?
A: Yes, Visual TimeAnalyzer can accurately track time spent on multiple monitors if they are connected to the same computer.

In conclusion, Visual TimeAnalyzer v2.0c Portable is a valuable tool for tracking and analyzing computer activities to enhance productivity. It offers a range of features and customization options, although it focuses solely on computer-based activities. With its user-friendly interface and handy portability, Visual TimeAnalyzer can help individuals and organizations better understand and optimize their time usage.

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Visual TimeAnalyzer v2.0c Portable

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